About Fine Art and Valuables Insurance

Art is an investment that deserves protection!

This insurance protects you from the unceasing tension of safeguarding your precious assets such as paintings, jewellery, etc. This is an area in an individual’s insurance plan that is neglected quite often, but in reality, there is a huge possibility for high damage charges for valuable assets.

Why Choose Us?

Personalized Care

We offer one-on-one policy insurance assistance based on your specific requirements and provide insurance quotes and renewal instantly online via just a few clicks.

Instant Claims Assistance

We believe in transparent and unbiased communications with our clients with the provision of 100% claims assistance and SMS updates on your fine art and valuables insurance claim status.

Special Add-Ons

We provide add-ons such to cover commercial transport and storage of fine art and valuables within a defined location.

There are certain unique requirements of this insurance. Many times, there will be cases where you may find yourself amid the hassle of claiming insurance due to the following reasons:
  • The valuation, especially of paintings.
  • Inadequacy of documents.
  • There is more probability of accidental damages than an act of God or burglary/theft.
  • There may be cases where a precious item may have been misplaced instead of stolen.
  • You may have broken an expensive vase while cleaning it.
Don’t worry; we have solutions for all of the above problems!


  • Replace/repair the damaged item
  • Claim the amount by handing over the damaged item
  • Claim the amount of the entire set by giving the remainder of the set
  • Claim the amount of the one piece that is lost
  • Claim the expenses incurred to restore as per your will
The cover is available for the loss of market value due to restoration. There is no need for you to cover assets like paintings and other valuables (except jewellery) for transit insurance.


The deductible/excess in the policy is Rs 20,000 in the case of jewellery and NIL in the case of paintings. Our highly skilled and professionally trained workforce will ensure that the claim settlement meets the standards required to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Agreed Value Policies

The value of fine art and other precious items undergoes a lot of fluctuation. You will witness a considerable change in the price of your fine art and other valuables at the time of taking the policy (policy value) and at the time of the claim. This may lead to several problems like under insurance.

To resolve this issue, in our agreed value policies, we come to an agreement with our clients regarding the sum insured at the time of taking the policy and the time of the claim. There will be no comparisons made between the policy value and the value at the time of the claim.

*All of the above is also assisted with opening up a global network of a Private Client Group (PCG) across the globe.


The VIBE Advantage

We Provide Effective Solutions To Achieve High Customer Satisfaction

Our team of dedicated professionals will ensure that the settlement and the policies claimed is at par with our customer’s utmost satisfaction. We provide round-the-clock services and property appraisals with our high-end risk management offers and policies. We have an art collection management and a highly competent panel of art experts and restorers.