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You must have saved up years of hard-earned money to purchase your precious car, and you certainly don't want an unpredictable accident to cause damages that would require exorbitant recovery charges. What you need is financial security in the form of a motor insurance policy.

Why Choose Us?

We Provide Effective Solutions To Achieve High Customer Satisfaction

Personalized Care

We offer one-on-one policy insurance assistance based on your specific requirements and provide insurance quotes and renewal instantly online via just a few clicks.

Instant Claims Assistance

We believe in transparent and unbiased communications with our clients with the provision of 100% claims assistance and SMS updates on your motor claim status.

Special Add-Ons

We provide add-ons such as tyre cover, engine protection, etc. Also, a quick claim procedure is guaranteed as insurance surveyors visit our service centre every working day.

2 types of car insurance policies

We Provide Effective Solutions To Achieve High Customer Satisfaction

Third Party Liability Insurance

In India, third party liability insurance is mandatory as per the law. It protects the insured person against any legal liability resulting from loss or damage caused to a third-party person (driver, passenger, pedestrian) or property (vehicle). However, we do not recommend this as it does not cover any loss or damage caused to the insured car itself.

Comprehensive Insurance

This is an all-inclusive insurance policy that incorporates third party liability and covers damages to your own car that can incur from incidents such as theft, natural calamities (earthquakes, floods, etc.) and man-made disasters (terrorism, riots, etc.). This insurance policy is the best for overall essential protection and is highly recommended.

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We Provide Effective Solutions To Achieve High Customer Satisfaction