About Liability Insurance

Protect yourself from the risk of liabilities!

With professional liability insurance, defend yourself against issues such as accusations of negligence, errors or omissions, and failed performance, and with general liability insurance, safeguard your business in claims of bodily injury, slander, property damage, and false advertising.

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We offer one-on-one policy insurance assistance based on your specific requirements and provide insurance quotes and renewal instantly online via just a few clicks.

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We believe in transparent and unbiased communications with our clients with the provision of 100% claims assistance and SMS updates on your liability insurance claim status.

Special Add-Ons

We provide add-ons for liquor liability, extended premises such as cafeteria and swimming pool, etc.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance:

Amendments to the Companies Act 2013 has defined and increased the responsibility of companies and directors considerably. Directors are deemed to be professional managers who should be accountable for their actions and are exposed to a large number of liabilities. With directors and officers liability insurance, you can shield yourself against them.



The coverage has been divided into two parts:

  1. Company Reimbursement: This is the insurance of the organization itself. It covers the obligation of the company to provide indemnity to its directors/officers to safeguard them against any civil/criminal action. The reimbursement is limited to only the legal costs spent.
  2. Directors and Officers: If the action against the director/officer triumphs, then he is on his own and is exposed to legal costs and damages allocated against him. In such a situation, the company does not secure him, and this section comes into effect, contingent upon the director/officer not having acted in an intentionally dishonest way.

The policy is applicable only based on the claims made, i.e., only when the affected party has made a claim against the director/officer during the currency of the policy, regardless of when the wrongful act or error and omission has transpired.

Names aren’t compulsory, but their rank or designation to be covered should be specified.

  • Fines/penalties/claims for seepage/pollution
  • Claims ensuing from intentional dishonesty or fraudulent activity by the director/officer
  • Criminal acts, libel/slander/defamation, and professional liabilities

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Cover liability exposures resulting from your business operations with a commercial general liability policy. It functions as a fusion of public liability and product liability policy. In addition to this, it extends several supplementary covers in the standard policy wording.
This product is addressed to:
  • Indian companies with worldwide operations or contracts with international partners/associates
  • Foreign companies that operate in India
This insurance has a comprehensive policy wording that offers your broad defence against:
  • Personal Injuries
  • Bodily Injuries
  • Property Damages
  • False Advertising
  • Medical Payments

The VIBE Advantage

We Provide Effective Solutions To Achieve High Customer Satisfaction

Our team is exceptional in customizing the policy wording and negotiating ideal terms for our clients. We provide optimum insurance placement in a manner that surpasses their expectations and serves their needs the best.

We understand the significance of designing the right insurance product and placing it at the most favourable cost. Also, we apply our expertise across a broad spectrum of high-risk industries, including pharmaceutical, automotive, energy, chemical, construction, and numerous more. From a workers compensation insurance plan to presenting a construction insurance quote, we provide state-of-the-art casualty solutions via our access to the international market.